Special Education Needs


The Department for Education produces guidance for schools regarding exclusions. The most recent guidance, exclusion from maintained schools, Academies and pupil referral units, was issued in September 2017.

Headteachers, teachers in charge of a PRU, governing bodies, local authorities (LAs), and Independent Review Panels must use this guidance when making decisions on exclusions and administering the exclusion procedure. Although the guidance isn't statutory, there is an expectation that it will be followed, unless there is good reason not to.

The procedures apply to all maintained schools, including sixth forms which are part of a maintained school, and pupil referral units and all pupils in them, including pupils who may be below or above compulsory school age. The exception is the requirements related to the arrangement of provision for pupils from the sixth day of their exclusion, which only applies to pupils of compulsory school age.

Academies, by virtue of their funding agreements, must also use the guidance.

The procedures don't apply to independent schools, city technology colleges, city colleges for the technology of the arts, or sixth form colleges, which have separate exclusion procedures.

For more information regarding advice on use of exclusion and alternatives to exclusion, please contact:

Lisa Cowley
Phone: 01642 727394